What is CPTS?

Crypto Points Coin is created to allow people to buy/sell points of any supported loyalty program (store points, air miles, etc). People holding loyalty points can easily swap them to Crypto Points and hold, sell on stock or swap to other loyalty points of interest. This makes Crypto Points Coin pioneer in crypto loyalty program.



Please contact us for desired loyalty points, we will reply within couple of hours!
NameAvailability Price
IHG5002,000 CPTS
Wyndham rewards6003,000 CPTS

Global Coverage


Big Partnerships


Benefits for Everyone

Crypto Points coin is based on PIVX coin that allows every participant of the coin community to gain profit from PoS as well as establish MasterNode to secure blockchain and earn more out of it


Crypto Points Expansion

CPTS provides a simple, quick, safe exchange between the coins and reward systems with low liquidity risk. Most importantly, it is highly profitable and anonymous.


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

  • November 2018

    Creation of the idea of
    Crypto-Points project

  • January 2019

    Creation of CPTS prototype

  • April - June 2019

    Finalizing the website
    Finalizing the wallets

  • July 2019

    Launch of the website
    Wallets Upload
    Listings on exchanges

  • October 2019 - Q2.2020

    Launch of CPTS converter
    Mobile version (IOS/Android)


  • Q2.2020

    POS (Point of sale systems) in shops

  • Q3.2020

    Listing with all major airlines

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On exchanges and through website (TBC)

Crypto Points Coin is created to allow people to trade and exchange points of any supported loyalty program (store points, air miles, etc).

You should receive CPTS after purchasing and entering your wallet ID, also you should wait until you will receive enough confirmations on your wallet/exchange

For MasterNodes Pre-Sale you will be required to buy 10,000 CPTS

The ROI will be kept as high as possible, it also depends on people, dont sell cheap on exchanges.

You will receive an ability to use reward points, loyalty points, airmiles and etc. to exchange it to the coin and vice versa along with stable income by creating a MasterNode

At the moment we will be listed on Crypto-Bridge, next step is Cryptopia

Yes, you can buy it on our website or through exchanges.

We will create a wallet for Windows/Mac and Linux

For keeping an amount as a MasterNode you will be getting rewards.

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